Mario Luca Giusti Plates Mario Luca Giusti Tessa Blue Dinner Plates Set of 6pcs Brand

Mario Luca Giusti Tessa Blue Dinner Plates Set of 6pcs

Tessa dinner plate was designed and produced by Mario Luca Giusti, a leading Italian brand in the production of unique and luxurious accessories for the table. The Pancale dinner plate, available in different colors and sizes, is characterized by a particular colored pattern.


Set Includes:

  • 2 Dinner Plates (Thickness 0,8 cm, Diameter 27 cm, Weight 520 g)
  • 2 Fruit Plates (Thickness 0,8 cm, Diameter 23 cm, Weight 346 g)
  • 2 Bowls Plates (Thickness 0,8 cm, Diameter 19 cm, Weight 339 g)
  • Material:  Melamine
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• Tested food approved by TÜV, SGS, Intertek
• Absolutely tasteless and odorless
• BPA free
• Not unbreakable
• Temperature resistant from -10°C to 50°C
• freezable
• Hand wash recommend to extend product lift
• No dryer may be used
• Not for microwave
• Alcohol resistant, < 2 hours
• Not for aniseed drinks
• Not for strong alcohol, as whisky....etc
• Only use detergent with pH-value 3 < pH < 7, not for strong alkaline detergent.
• Do not use benzene, alcohol, ester or organic solvents for cleaning products
• Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning

The following may discolour the product or make them cloudy in the long run:

• Keeping the glasses for a prolonged period of time at high temperatures and high humidity
• Incorrect dosage of detergent
• Use of detergent containing aluminum or metal protection.
• Dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages may leave a rim on the glass if you leave it overnight. Wash the glass in hot soapy water shortly after use, hand wash or use our cleaning product, Renovate Powder, regularly.

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Mario Luca Giusti was born in Florence in a culturally rich environment full of stimulus. Since his early childhood he was initiated to beauty and observation and therefore started his aesthetic research for harmony implementing his love for antique with his passion for modern, giving birth to refreshing new shapes and colors.

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